Pepsi Catch a Crore 2020 – Win a Psl Catch a Crore Prize

Psl has many exciting things for its fans and one of the best is Pepsi Catch a Crore 2020. Who doesn’t want to win a crore? Well if you are a PSL fan then you must not miss the chance to win a crore prize by visiting the stadium. Psl is giving exciting prizes from the start and PSL Catch a Crore is one of them. And now again in this league, the PCB officially announced that prize money of Psl catch a crore. pepsi catch a crore

Psl catch a crore is an exciting thing that will attract viewers to come to the stadium. This time Pakistan super league fans will get a great chance to win Pepsi catch a crore 2020. Because this time all the tournament matches held in Pakistan. You would have a clear idea if you are a Psl real fan. Every year PSL gives a huge opportunity to its fans in the ground to catch the cricket balls as hits to them and share a prize of crore with the winners. The same thing will happen in this season also. The fans in the ground would get this golden chance. 

Pepsi catch a crore scheme:

By taking a catch in the live matches of PSL 2020, in the stadium and then you will get a share in a Pepsi catch a crore scheme, so lets read more to know how it works. 

Well at the end of the previous league Psl 2019 a sum of crore would be awarded equally to the lucky persons. The winners who caught a ball during the match in the stadium. This scheme is sponsored by the one and only Pepsi company that’s why its called Pepsi catch a crore. 

So what you are waiting for. Get the Pakistan super league 2020 tickets to watch the live match in the stadium and get a chance to catch a ball and enlist your self in the share of Pepsi a catch a crore scheme that’s how it works. 

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